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Jayne Kelly adult and adolescent therapy services


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Working with
Children, Adolescents & Adults


MA in Psychological Therapies with Children, Young People & Families

Postgraduate Certificate in Child, Adolescent & Family Wellbeing

Certificate in DBT Skills

Arden is a highly experienced, BACP Accredited psychotherapist. Arden's approach is largely relational as he works with interpersonal dynamics, but he also teaches his clients to use tools and strategies to manage any mental health difficulties they may be experiencing. Arden is experienced in teaching his clients to manage and regulate their emotions, as required, which can be incredibly valuable for those who feel they struggle to communicate effectively, who shut down when feeling threatened or challenged, or who are quick to feel angry, upset or overwhelmed.

Alongside his work at Vitus Wellbeing, Arden consults at The Priory, supporting children, adolescents and adults with a broad range of mental health difficulties.


Arden has a wealth of experience of working with children, young people, parents and adults of all ages and different backgrounds, both in the NHS and in private mental health services. Arden trained at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust; a highly respected centre for working with children, adolescents and families who face a range of challenges. Arden boasts a diverse skillset and a real warmth of character that is a huge asset to our growing team.

Arden has worked for many years with under 18s and is passionate about helping children when their difficulties first arise; teaching them the tools and techniques needed to manage their emotions and feel equipped and resilient for the years ahead. His compassionate nature makes it easy for children and adults alike to feel comfortable with Arden, and able to speak openly and honestly about their experiences, concerns and vulnerabilities. 

Arden would make an excellent therapist for any child, adolescent and adult who seeks a warm, understanding therapist who approaches their sessions with compassion, open-mindedness and curiosity. He is great with those who may feel daunted or uneasy about starting therapy, and works brilliantly with males and females alike. He helps his clients to feel at ease in the therapy room and he proudly adapts his approach to suit each individuals' needs - bringing in practical tasks or exercises if beneficial, or focusing on talking and exploring deeper meanings when required.

Arden works with:

Children (5-11 years)

Adolescents (12-18 years)

Adults (18 years +)

Arden works in English 

Specialist areas:





Behavioural Difficulties





Gender Dysphoria

Low self-confidence

Low self-esteem


Personality Disorders

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Relationship Difficulties



Suicidal thoughts


To enquire about Arden's availability or to book your first therapy session, 

contact us at

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