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Kim DeMarchi is a parent support coach at Vitus Wellbeing


Kim DeMarchi is a parenting coach at Vitus Wellbeing who works with parents, children and families

Parent Support Coach

Working with
Parents, Children & Families

Masters in Education

Professional Coaching Certificate

Many Parent Educator Modules

Kim is an exceptional coach who addresses one of the world's toughest jobs - parenting. 


Kim is warm, supportive, compassionate and non-judgmental. With over 30 years of experience in working with children, parents and teachers, coupled with raising her now-22 year-old boy/girl twins, Kim transforms relationships between parents and their children, right across the age ranges, from toddlers to teens.  She has wide-ranging qualifications in coaching and parent education.


Driven by her belief in "connection before correction," Kim is passionate about helping parents to raise respectful, responsible and resilient children.  She works with parents all over the world to reduce conflict, foster mutual respect and create deeper communication and connections between loved ones in a family.


Originally from Los Angeles, Kim has been a regular on US afternoon television where she is an acclaimed expert on parenting and children, contributes articles to newspapers, has created over 90 podcasts, and runs parenting seminars in the USA and Asia.


She believes that all children’s misbehaviour is the child trying to communicate something.  No matter what age of child, Kim's style is client-led.  She listens to your parenting struggles and uses your strengths to build strategies to problem solve.  Kim offers you an unique opportunity to become the best parent you can be, and teaches you how to prepare your child for the path, not the path for the child.

Kim works with:


Children and Adolescents 


Kim works in English

Specialist areas:

Bedtime battles

Being a sports parent

Building resiliency



Consequences and solutions


Developmental ages and stages


Emotional intelligence

Emotional regulation

Fostering empathy

Mental health difficulties

Parenting styles

Power struggles


Screen-time / Technology use


Separation anxiety

Setting limits

Sibling rivalry

Strong-willed children

Substance use

Temper tantrums

To enquire about Kim's availability or to book your first coaching session, 

contact us at

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