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1. What can I expect in my first therapy session?

The first therapy session is called an ‘initial assessment’. The initial assessment provides an opportunity for you to meet your therapist and to ‘get a feel’ for them – do you feel comfortable talking to them? Your therapist will ask you a number of questions in this first session as they build a picture of your life – what it is you’re struggling with, how you might like your life to be different and what type of support you might benefit from. Your therapist will ask about things that make the problem better or worse and how your daily life is impacted. Towards the end of the first session, your therapist will advise whether they believe you would be a ‘good fit’ to work together. If so, they will recommend the type of therapy they believe would be best suited to your needs.

3. How long will I need therapy for?

This varies from person to person and really depends upon your reasons for coming to therapy. We suggest a minimum of 6 sessions but being open to more, depending how much of your life you’d like to look into and keeping in mind how long it has been that you’ve been struggling. Clients often choose to come for 6-18 sessions to look at one specific problem and are always welcome to return to therapy at a later date if they find they’d like to speak about other aspects of their life or other problems that have arisen since.

4. Will my sessions be confidential?

Yes, matters discussed in therapy sessions are confidential but therapists may take notes and keep records about the clients they see. These notes are kept securely. Your therapist will discuss confidentiality with you and any legal limitations to confidentiality in your first session. Sharing information with your G.P., Psychiatrist or referrer can improve the care you receive and lead to better results. Sometimes, we may need to contact your G.P. or Psychiatrist but we will always strive to discuss this with you first and will only do so with your best interests in mind.

5. How often will I need to attend therapy?

To achieve the best results, we recommend that you attend your therapy sessions weekly and the same time will be reserved for you to see your therapist each week. If you do not commit to regular therapy sessions then your therapist may not be able to keep seeing you – we want to provide the best level of care and do ask that you commit to attending booked sessions.

6. How much time does a session take?

Each individual therapy session runs for 50 minutes. Please keep in mind that you may need some quiet time or space once a session has finished. Consider taking a walk or having some time alone before returning straight to work, to the family or to other commitments.

7. How do I pay?

To secure your initial booking, we request that you send payment via BACS (bank transfer) ahead of the session, to the following account: Account name: Vitus Wellbeing Account no: 53737373 Sort code: 20-90-74 Reference: (Your initials)+(Date of session) For all future bookings, please send payments via bank transfer at least 24 hours before the session is scheduled to start. For more information about our Fees, please see our Fees page.

8. Which video calling platforms do you use?

Sessions with our therapists are all conducted via Zoom, unless your software or technology is incompatible. In this case, discuss this with your therapist and you can agree an alternative package to use.

9. Do I have to have my video turned on for remote sessions?

Although we do not specify you must use the video function, it is far easier to build trust and a relationship with your therapist when you can see one another. Our therapists benefit from seeing your expressions and body language when you communicate with one another and we know there is a real benefit to you in seeing your therapist and their expressions too. Sessions can be conducted via telephone if needed (with no video connection) but we would always suggest trying to meet with the video function from time to time if possible. Our therapists all practice with compassion and understanding and will not force you to work in a way that makes you uncomfortable.

2. Where will my sessions take place?

If you choose to see your therapist in person, you will meet in our bright, airy therapy rooms in Fulham, South-West London. The full address is: Hurlingham Studios, Ranelagh Gardens, Fulham, London SW6 3PA. If you choose to meet your therapist remotely, we ask that you find a space where you can speak openly and have privacy from others.