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Mental health conditions are increasing. In creating Vitus Wellbeing, we have pulled together a compassionate group of leading therapists to offer exceptional support. We pride ourselves on being able to offer professional, reputable, and reliable mental health services for adults, adolescents, and families.

The Vitus name was created through blending words that represent our core message. We chose the Latin words ‘Vita’, meaning life, and ‘Focus’. Whatever your situation, Vitus Wellbeing will help you gain or regain control of your life.


Our main base is in Fulham, South-West London. We have a suite of warm, welcoming therapy rooms and we're delighted to be seeing our clients face-to-face.

With the growth in online video-calling platforms and more secure forms of remote communication, we have been pleased to expand and accept referrals from outside of London and even outside of the UK.

We strive to be truly accessible and affordable to all; regardless of where in the world you are.


With mental health worsening around the globe and employers wanting to do more for their employees, we are pleased to partner with businesses and HR teams to offer wellbeing packages to their staff.


We are happy to develop mental health support plans that are tailored to your workforce and your needs.


Our caring professionals can help your employees get back on track after any personal or professional difficulties and offer them peace of mind, knowing their employer truly cares for their wellbeing. Email us directly for more information.


With an incredible team of Specialists offering their wealth of knowledge, endless compassion and their varied skillset, we are here to help you thrive both now and in the future.

Contact us now to arrange your first private therapy session or sign up to our newsletter for more information and mental health support.

Our suite of therapy rooms are in Fulham, South-West London (SW6). 

We are easily accessible from Barnes, Chelsea, Chiswick, Earl's Court, Fulham, Kensington, Kew, Hammersmith, Parson's Green, Putney, Roehampton, Twickenham, Victoria, Wandsworth, Waterloo, Wimbledon and beyond.

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We are a 1 minute walk from from the nearest tube station (Putney Bridge - District Line),

10 minutes walk from from the nearest National Rail Station (Putney) and we're on many local bus routes.


We are very close to a beautiful stretch of the River Thames and many small independent cafes.


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Carly Webb

As a practicing psychotherapist herself, Carly has a wealth of knowledge on mental health and on tailoring the psychotherapeutic approach. Her own practice began in South-West London and she's delighted to see Vitus Wellbeing thrive in the same area, reaching more people in need. 


Through her experience of working in the NHS and in The Priory Group’s Hospitals and Wellbeing Centres, Carly has seen first-hand the need for individualised support and an adaptable approach and knows the excellent results these can yield.

Carly is the Founder and the Clinical Lead at Vitus Wellbeing – she is seeing a caseload of clients herself and is pleased to have an excellent team of therapists supporting her. 


With considerable experience of working with adolescents and their primary care-givers, Carly is keen for Vitus Wellbeing to offer specialist support to the whole family – for a family to truly thrive, all parties need to be invested and motivated to achieve positive change.

She is incredibly passionate about helping her clients to live authentically and in line with their passions and values.

Do feel free to contact Carly directly with any queries or feedback about services received: