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Private Therapy for Teens & Adolescents

Get the help you need for your family

Today's adolescents face many more challenges than those of the past. They're having to grow up in a digitalised world - with social media and constant communication - as well as having higher expectations and endless challenges coming their way.

As a parent, it can be almost impossible to know if your teen's struggles could be linked to a mental health problem and whether they might benefit from additional support.

Adolescents have always been at the core of our work at Vitus Wellbeing. Our Founder, Carly, has a long history of working with adolescents and has hired a team of expert Adolescent Psychotherapists to complement her work and support more teens in need. Every member of our team is highly qualified and hugely experienced as well as being wonderfully warm and easy to talk to. 

We understand how concerned you might be about your teen and their struggles. Our experts all want the very best for your child - and your family - and will gently guide you through the process they recommend for your teen. 


Every teenager is unique. After meeting with your teen, and potentially with you too, we'll suggest a treatment plan that we believe will be the most effective going forward.

Our experts aim to understand the root cause of a teen's problems, learning what it's like to be them and to see the world through their eyes. By doing this, we can help create long-lasting change in their mindset and behaviour, and build resilient adults for the future.

We use some psychodynamic, humanistic and existential theory, while integrating teachings and techniques from CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).

We are also highly experienced in working with neurodiversity and specific diagnoses in teens - including Autism, ADHD, ADD and others.

Adolescents develop at different speeds, so we adapt our work to best suit their developmental stage and individual characters. Our adolescent psychotherapists are trained to help teens understand their feelings, even when it isn't possible to speak about them out loud. They may do this through playing games, using art materials, acting or talking about events and experiences.


We'll speak to you first and match your teen to the therapist with the right approach and technique for them.

Through our work with adolescents, we're delighted to offer a safe-space for your teen to feel heard and supported. We help them to use their voice in a calm and effective way. 


Parenting isn't easy. We know how much you care for your teen and how challenging it is when they're struggling - that's why we're here to support you, too.

Adolescent psychotherapists work with individual teenagers but we often offer parent support sessions alongside a teen's therapy. If an adolescent is in care, we are happy to work with foster carers and social workers, too.

To read more about our expert therapists that work with adolescents, view their profiles.

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Our Adolescent Therapy sessions help teens to understand and manage their emotions while learning the skills to communicate calmly and effectively with others

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