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Therapy for Children

Private therapy for toddlers, children and pre-teens

Are you worried about your child's low-mood, anxious behaviours or troubling responses to those around them? Do you live in London, or could you travel to see our therapists in Fulham, SW6?

It can be so hard to know when a child's behaviour is connected to a mental health problem or whether it's a normal part of their development. We can guide you as to when your child might benefit from therapy or counselling. 


Our team of Child Psychotherapists are highly qualified and hugely experienced as well as being wonderfully warm and easy to talk to. 

Each child is unique. After meeting you and your child and understanding the different factors that contribute to their struggles, we'll tailor our treatment plan to support your child and their needs. It may be that we recommend sessions for the child and their therapist, or we may encourage you - as their parents - to come along so the family can share and learn together.

Our child psychotherapists are trained to help children share and understand their feelings, appreciating that any child may be feeling apprehensive at the start. Our therapists will do this through playing games, using art materials, acting or talking about events and experiences. They'll move at a pace that feels right for your son or daughter and can adapt to having you in the room, or you dropping them off and picking them up after each session.

With identification and diagnosis rates vastly improving for difficulties such as Depression, Anxiety, OCD, ADHD, ADD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Behaviour and Processing Disorders in children and adolescents, our team of specialists are well-equipped to help.


We have a detailed understanding of each disorder, as well as the expertise required to advise how best to adjust and cope with day-to-day life (if required). 

Through our work with children, we're delighted to offer a safe-space for your child to explore their difficulties while feeling heard and supported. 

We know how important it is for your son or daughter to like their therapist - to find someone they can speak openly to, and relate to on some level. With this in mind, we'll match your child to the right therapist for them, based on their characters, personalities, approaches and life experiences. Every therapist on our team is highly qualified and has been practicing at a high level for many years, prior to joining Vitus Wellbeing. We only work with the best practitioners, ensuring your family is in safe hands.

To read more about our expert therapists that work with children and families,

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Parenting is far from easy. By reading this page, it's clear how much you care for your child and how challenging it can be for you when they're struggling - that's why we're here to support you, too.

Child psychotherapists work with individual children but we offer parent support sessions, too. It's impossible for a parent to be equipped with the skills to handle every single challenge and situation they will face in their parenting lives. From our founder, Carly's, own experience of working with children and families, she saw how great the need was for more support for parents. As such, she took on the task of finding an excellent parent coach, who could complement her clinic's existing work with children.

To read more about our specialist coach, view Kim's profile here.

If you'd like to know more about how therapy or coaching at Vitus Wellbeing could help your family, or you'd like to book your first session,

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Through our expert child therapy sessions, children can make sense of sad, angry, difficult or confusing thoughts and feelings

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