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Therapy for Children

Private therapy for babies, toddlers, children and pre-teens

It can be hard for any parent to know when a child's behaviour is connected to a mental health condition and when your child might benefit from additional specialist support. 

At Vitus Wellbeing, we're incredibly proud of our specialist services for children. Our team of Child Psychotherapists are all highly qualified and hugely experienced as well as being wonderfully warm and easy to talk to. 

We understand how worrying it can be to see your child struggle. Our experts all want the very best for your child - and your family - and will gently guide you through the process they recommend for your child. 


Each child is unique. After meeting you and your child and understanding the different factors that contribute to their struggles, we'll tailor our treatment plan to support your child and their needs. 

Our child psychotherapists are trained to help children understand their feelings, even when it isn't possible to speak about them out loud. They do this through playing games, using art materials, acting or talking about events and experiences. 

Through our work with children, we're delighted to offer a safe-space for your child to feel heard and supported. Parenting isn't easy. We know how much you care for your child and how challenging it is when they're struggling - that's why we're here to support you, too.

Child psychotherapists work with individual children but we often offer parent support sessions alongside a child's therapy. If a child is in care, we are happy to work with foster carers and social workers, too.

To read more about our expert therapists that work with children, view their profiles.

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Through our expert child therapy sessions, children can make sense of sad, angry, difficult or confusing thoughts and feelings

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