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15 Common Cognitive Distortions - Free Download

Discover the most common cognitive distortions that can impact daily life

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"Emotional function and cognitive function aren't unrelated to each other. They're completely intertwined."

Amishi Jha

Exploring and understanding the most common cognitive distortions can provide an invaluable tool for increased self-awareness and the cultivation of healthier perspectives. Recognising these patterns can help to free up your energy, enabling you to focus on taking action towards achieving your goals.

If you struggle with unhelpful patterns of behaviour or you push people away, it could be a sign that you’re struggling with distorted thinking styles. Becoming aware of the most common cognitive distortions can help you to identify any shortcuts your brain is taking and work on rewiring your thinking for more productive and healthier outcomes.

If challenging yourself with personal growth feels daunting, it can be incredibly helpful to gain some clarity around your thoughts and behaviours. Doing so can encourage a productive rather than critical approach to dealing with ourselves as we seek to learn, grow, and make positive changes.

If this resonates with you, start by downloading our free resource on the 15 most common cognitive distortions - it’s a great starting point for understanding yourself better and developing a healthier relationship with your thoughts and feelings.

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15 Common Cognitive Distortions

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