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Business Support

Improving workplace wellbeing and business support

Our mission is simple: to enhance the wellbeing of your employees while building a partnership that supports the success of your business

Tailored wellbeing support for your team and business

Goal-Focused Therapy Sessions for Employees

Offering a package of short-term therapy sessions can make an enormous difference to the wellbeing of your staff. Our skilled therapists blend approaches from CBT, Person-Centred, Psychodynamic, ACT, and Mindfulness trainings to provide customised support to your employees. We'll help your staff to address their difficulties while finding constructive solutions to help them move forward. We teach key skills, techniques and approaches that will help your employees remain engaged and equip them with the tools they need to manage stress, anxiety, anger, and overwhelm (amongst other concerns). We help employees to stay in work, reducing absenteeism, as they become more resilient and able to adapt to challenges.

Your employees can access specialist therapy sessions with us:

- Via video calling technology:

Great for hybrid workers, home workers or those with busy schedules

- In our own therapy rooms in Fulham, South West London:

Ideal for employees who live or work in the area, or want to meet their therapist in person

- Via an in-house therapist we can place within your business:

The best solution for high-pressured working environments, rapidly scaling businesses or those who want to go above-and-beyond in offering accessible mental health support to their employees. One of our specialist psychotherapists can work from one of your meeting rooms, allowing staff to access valuable support without leaving the office

Mental Health Training Programmes

Support and empower your team with our comprehensive mental health training courses and workshops. From Mental Health First Aider Training to Managing Anxiety and Navigating the Challenges of Hybrid Working, our expertly crafted programmes foster resilience, communication, and a positive workplace culture. Instead of offering an exhaustive list of specific courses, we listen to the struggles facing you in your business or team, then offer a tailored programme to meet your needs.

To read more about our in-house mental health trainer, Tom, please click here.

Our mental health training and workshops can be delivered in person or online, allowing more of your team to engage with our courses, regardless of geographical location or time pressures. 

“Tom's session was meaningful and timely, and was delivered expertly!
Tom delivered a lunchtime session for all our staff focused on men's health, perfectly timed to coincide with International Men's Day and Movember. The session was expertly delivered, providing data and insights which were both informative and thought-provoking. I would highly recommend Tom, and am looking forward to working with him again.”

- Victoria Jackson, Director of HR, Risk & Compliance | Preston Turnbull LLP

Expertise that sets us apart

At Vitus Wellbeing, we're proud to boast a team of highly qualified therapists with a wealth of experience in the corporate sector, private mental health and the NHS. We offer specialist psychotherapy, coaching and training, delivered by reputable practitioners who are all sought after in their chosen field(s) and have conducted their own research and studies. Our thorough screening processes ensure we offer the highest standards of care to you and your team.

Who we serve: Supporting small to medium-sized businesses

Vitus Wellbeing is the partner of choice for small to medium-sized businesses and start-ups that want to prioritise and care for their employees' wellbeing. Whether you're in research, education, law, finance, consulting, tech, or another sector, we'll adapt to your company's needs and the specific challenges you face. Our personalised approach allows your business and it's employees to develop a genuine relationship with us, fostering trust and open communication while delivering excellent results. At a time when more systems are being automated, handled by AI or algorithms, we're pleased to offer a very warm, human approach. We know how important this is when working with mental health and those who may be feeling vulnerable or uneasy.

Accessibility and personal relationships

Unlike automated systems or corporate giants, we're pleased to work directly with your business, taking the time to understand your needs before suggesting a solution.

On top of our sought-after psychotherapy services to individuals, we use our expertise to deliver reputable training on a broad range of mental health-related topics.

We work hard to make specialist mental health services accessible for all. We know how committed your staff are, so our therapy offering can adapt to their needs and schedules.

Why choose Vitus Wellbeing?

  • Professionalism and Expertise: Your business can benefit from the credentials and experience of our expert therapists, without having to hire your own wellbeing team.

  • Our People-First Approach: Experience the warmth, care and professionalism we're known for. Engage with a wellbeing clinic that understands the complexities of balancing business and personal life and will work to find the right solution for you.

  • Demonstrable Success and Impact: Our success is measured by tangible improvements in the workplace:

    • Reduced Sick Days: Proactive mental health support leads to a decrease in absenteeism

    • Increased Satisfaction Levels: Employees feel valued, cared for, and respected, positively impacting satisfaction and loyalty.

    • Improved Work OutputWitness enhanced productivity and output as employees better manage their mental health and know where to turn when they're struggling.


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