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Helen Cooper art psychotherapist for children, teens and adults


Helen Cooper is an art psychotherapist at Vitus wellbeing who works with children, adolescents and adults

Art Psychotherapist

Working with
Children, Adolescents & Adults


Masters in Art Psychotherapy

Diploma in Counselling

Helen is a gifted art therapist. She has worked extensively with adults and young people to help them develop a deeper acceptance of themselves and, through doing so, enable them to have healthier relationships with themselves and with others. 


Helen is very highly regarded in her field - rather than engaging in traditional talking therapy, Helen encourages her clients to engage through drawing, painting or printing. She supports her clients to move away from overthinking and towards expressing themselves in the moment - free from judgement, ridicule or external pressures. This approach is very popular with those who may find traditional psychotherapy a little intimidating or daunting, or those who know they'd feel more comfortable in a creative space. You don't need to call yourself an artist to work with Helen - she offers a place where you can be creative, playful or expressive to any level.

Helen has worked extensively with those in the creative industries, as well as with carers, healthcare professionals and students. She is incredibly warm and compassionate, which makes her an excellent therapist for anyone who struggles with low self-esteem or high levels of anxiety, for anyone who may feel overwhelmed with day-to-day life, or for anyone who may be self-harming or experiencing suicidal thoughts.


She is exceptional in her support for anyone facing a life-limiting or life-altering illness or diagnosis, and has significantly helped clients with PTSD, bipolar, depression and anxiety (as just a few examples) to find balance in their lives and healthier paths for the future. Helen is highly sensitive to the needs of others and skilfully adapts her work to best suit each individual she meets.


Helen is incredibly passionate about helping her clients to explore all aspects of their identity, including their sexuality, their faith, their spirituality and their relationships. Her sessions are very popular with students and those facing the pressures that academia presents. If talking sometimes feels like too much, Helen's art therapy sessions can provide a quiet, safe outlet where you can exist without expectation.

Helen is proud to offer a secure, empathic, kind and restful space for those who need 

help with their particular personal journey. She has a range of art materials on hand, so clients needn't bring anything along to her sessions.

To read Helen's blog post, 'Why Choose Art Therapy', click here.


Here are some examples of works from therapy sessions:


Helen works with:

Children and Adolescents

(from 10 years old)

Adults (18 years +)

Helen works in English

Specialist areas:




Autism Spectrum Disorders

Behavioural Problems



Crisis of Meaning



Identity Crises

Ill health

Low self-esteem

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder



Relationship problems

Religious or Spiritual Questioning



Special Educational Needs



Victims of Crime

To enquire about Helen's availability or to book your first therapy session, 

contact us at

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