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Why Choose Art Therapy?

A profile photograph of Helen Cooper, an art psychotherapist working at Vitus Wellbeing
Helen Cooper, Art Psychotherapist

I'm Helen, one of the specialist Psychotherapists at Vitus Wellbeing.

There are many benefits to art therapy – I’d be pleased to share some with you so you can decide if it might be right for you.

In our society, words tend to dominate, but I believe our human experiences cannot always be adequately expressed through words. Trying to describe how it feels to hate or to love, to suffer depression or experience trauma, for example, may involve far more than fumbling for the ‘right’ words. Some emotional states and experiences are incredibly hard to describe.

Some of our difficulties stem from early infancy - before we were able to talk and describe our experiences and feelings. When clients want to explore these events in sessions, it can be useful to turn to art therapy, where the focus can be on the feelings and emotional state, more than finding the perfect explanation. Clients can free their inner child, without having to perfectly articulate how they feel.

Art therapy can offer a way of overcoming feelings of terror, frustration or isolation without having to use the painful language that describes these emotions. When our feelings are quite raw and exposed, art therapy can sometimes feel more accessible than talking therapies.

Girl hiding behind her drawing of a person

Anyone can benefit from art therapy including children, teens, adults or the elderly. So, what are the benefits?

One of the main benefits of art therapy is being able to express yourself and your feelings. I'm pleased to work with adults and children - it's great to see all ages expressing themselves creatively through art.

During each session, a client can choose to reflect on the feelings verbally, or to focus on the art-making without speaking. This is especially useful when the depth of feelings is such that words seem inadequate, or you find yourself struggling for what to say. Some of my clients have felt intimidated by the thought of traditional psychotherapy, and worried about what they’d say, so art therapy has felt like a more accessible way for them to get support.

You’re welcome to bring your different life experiences to the session. Whatever you’ve been through in the past, or are going through today, we can reflect together through the medium of art. This process can offer a new perspective on a possibly chaotic emotional picture. I’m also pleased to be alongside you throughout – you no longer need to feel alone or as though no one cares. I’m very passionate about my work, and I genuinely want the very best for every one of my clients.

Collection of paintings and artworks on a wall, next to a clock

When we’re leading such busy, hectic lives, and juggling so many commitments and responsibilities, we don’t always allow ourselves the time to be creative. By coming to art therapy sessions with me, you are carving out space in your week where you can stop, reflect, and see what comes to the paper – it’s incredibly valuable to do. Just participating in art-making can bring about feelings of calm and happiness, whether or not it relates to something deeper you’re facing. I believe we can all benefit from a bit of creativity, and the opportunity to make art without needing it to be ‘perfect’, or gallery-ready! Sometimes the work is deep and meaningful, sometimes it’s more light-hearted and fun – I work closely with you to gauge what you need and help you to thrive.

Overall, you’re likely to become more aware of your own personal growth and your strengths through engaging with art therapy, and you’ll begin to see things differently. Your perception of your problems may change when you find a way to express your emotions, so it often becomes easier to move on from hurtful feelings or experiences. My clients learn how to name and share their challenging emotions – whether it’s anger, sadness, guilt or anxiety – which helps them navigate everyday life and feel more in control.

Here are 7 Signs that you could benefit from art therapy:

  1. Having feelings of low self-esteem which affect your relationships and quality of life

  2. Having a specific problem you’d like to work through, such as personal loss, rejection, job loss, difficulties at work etc

  3. Having a tendency to ruminate on negative outcomes or on death

  4. Experiencing feelings of bitterness and resentment on a regular basis

  5. Having a tendency to isolate yourself from others

  6. Experiencing intense anxiety

  7. Having an interest in improving yourself but not knowing where to start

I offer a safe, reliable space where these difficulties can be addressed and explored together, helping you to let go of the past and start your journey of personal growth.

Image of a woman painting, showing her hands and a paintbrush

I know starting therapy can feel frightening, but it’s a great first step towards a happier, healthier future.

If you’d like to book your first session with me, contact the Vitus Wellbeing team and they’ll let you know my current availability for new clients. Drop them an email at, or click here to complete the online form.

Take a look at some of our artworks below, and feel free to ask us any other questions you might have.

Helen x


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